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Top 5 indie games you’ve never heard of

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Indie games have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with many developers creating unique and innovative games that stand out from the mainstream titles. While there are some indie games that have become household names, there are still many hidden gems that have yet to be discovered by the general gaming public. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at five indie games that you may have never heard of, but definitely should check out.

1. To the Moon

To the Moon is a story-driven RPG developed by Freebird Games that was released in 2011. The game follows two doctors who travel through the memories of a dying man in order to fulfill his final wish of going to the moon. The game’s emotional narrative and beautiful pixel art style have garnered it a cult following, but it still remains relatively unknown to the mainstream gaming audience. To the Moon is a touching and moving experience that will stay with you long after you have finished it.

2. Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a top-down action RPG developed by Heart Machine that was released in 2016. The game features stunning pixel art visuals and a challenging combat system that will test your reflexes. The game’s mysterious story and atmospheric world make it a truly immersive experience, and its unique blend of old-school gameplay and modern design has earned it critical acclaim. Hyper Light Drifter is a must-play for any fan of indie games.

3. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania-style platformer developed by Team Cherry that was released in 2017. The game follows a silent knight as he explores the underground kingdom of Hallownest, battling enemies and discovering secrets along the way. Hollow Knight’s beautiful hand-drawn art style and tight controls make it a joy to play, and its challenging gameplay will keep you coming back for more. The game has received widespread praise for its level design, atmosphere, and gameplay, but it still remains somewhat under the radar for many gamers.

4. Celeste

Celeste is a platformer developed by Matt Makes Games that was released in 2018. The game follows a young woman named Madeline as she climbs the treacherous Celeste Mountain, facing her inner demons along the way. Celeste features tight controls, challenging gameplay, and a heartwarming story that delves into themes of mental health and perseverance. The game has won numerous awards and accolades for its design and storytelling, but it still may not be on the radar for some gamers.

5. Gris

Gris is a visually stunning platformer developed by Nomada Studio that was released in 2018. The game follows a young woman named Gris as she navigates a beautifully animated world, solving puzzles and exploring her emotions. Gris features hand-drawn art and an atmospheric soundtrack that create an immersive experience unlike any other. The game’s emotional story and captivating visuals have earned it critical acclaim, but it still remains somewhat underappreciated in the indie gaming scene.

In conclusion, these five indie games are just a small sampling of the many hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. While they may not have the mainstream recognition of some other indie titles, they offer unique and unforgettable gaming experiences that should not be missed. If you are a fan of indie games, or are just looking for something new to try, be sure to check out these lesser-known titles. Who knows, you may just find your new favorite game.

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