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The importance of customer retention in eCommerce marketing

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The eCommerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. As buying behaviors continue to evolve, customer retention has become more important than ever. It is not only essential to attract new customers but also to retain the existing ones. Customer retention is the key to long term online business success. The importance of customer retention in eCommerce marketing cannot be overstated. In this article, we will look at the reasons why customer retention is crucial for the growth of eCommerce businesses.

1. Increased Revenue

For any business, repeat customers are more valuable than new customers. It’s more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. A study by Bain & Company found that retaining only a 5% increase in customers can result in a 25% to 95% increase in revenue. When customers return to make multiple purchases, they do not require any additional investment in marketing or advertising. Satisfied customers can also refer the business to their friends and family, which can lead to new customers at no extra cost.

2. Cost Saving

Customer retention saves businesses money because repeat customers generally require less marketing and advertising costs. Once a customer is happy with the product and the services, they are more likely to purchase again. Loyal customers are also more likely to refer the business to others and provide positive reviews. With social media and customer reviews being so prevalent, a business reputation becomes very important in eCommerce.

3. Enhances customer experience

When it comes to online shopping, customer experience is essential. By retaining customers, businesses can continue to provide a positive shopping experience, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. This satisfaction leads to more loyalty and positive reviews. It is essential to keep customers engaged through different channels, personalized communication, and exclusive offers. Retention programs, such as loyalty programs and promotions, help keep customers happy and coming back to the business.

4. Brand Awareness

Customer retention also helps to increase brand awareness. When happy customers share their experiences with others, their network can also become potential customers. Regular engagement with existing customers builds a loyal customer base that will help to increase brand awareness. The greater the brand recognition, the higher the chance that the brand will dominate the eCommerce market.


The importance of customer retention in eCommerce marketing cannot be understated. Retaining customers significantly impacts business growth by increasing revenue, reducing marketing and advertising costs, and providing a better customer experience. The efforts in retention programs, loyalty programs, and personalized communication must be viewed as an investment, not a cost. These programs maintain a strong and loyal customer base and help eCommerce businesses differentiate themselves from their competition. The ultimate goal for eCommerce businesses over the long term should be to increase the number of loyal customers who return time and again to make purchases.

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